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Our proprietary multi step process to producing one of our best tasting, highest THC creations encompassing AAAA buds, tasty extract products and pure THC.

The Perfect Bud Selection

We choose the perfect dense buds that have the most potential to soak in the liquified shatter.

Coated in Shatter

Each bud is manually covered and coated with our mixture of heated up and liquified shatter.

Double Dipped in Pure THC

Each bud is quickly double dipped in PURE THC, whipped and left to dry as the shatter and keif soak into each bud.

THCA Diamonds

The highest THC product in an isolated extraction

Diamonds the highest THC extraction in crystalized form.  Our proprietary extraction method separates THC from plant matter, other cannabinoids and terpenes in this isolated cannabis extract packed with potency.

high thc options

Get the best effects of the THC without the need to smoke or vape



Legacy Legends

Hotbox was established in 2015.  We are legacy legends in western Canada bringing the top rated medical products to market for both medical and recreational consumption.

Our lab tested products ensure your cannabis, capsules, extractions and designer cannabis products always exceed your standards for potency, taste and freshness.

hotbox thc caps
hotbox thc caps
hotbox thc caps
hotbox thc caps



of Sweet, Sexy THC

It’s a good day when you can take 3000mg of THC straight to the dome.

Just pop it in your mouth and we’re in business.  Orally ingesting THC is one of the quickest ways to get THC into your system for a long duration high.

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